What is Vivid About


Vivid Inc. was formed in 1990 as three managers from Spectra-Physics branched the paint coatings division into an independent entity. Funded with over one million dollars of environmentally safe painting equipment, Vivid began providing wet paint coatings to meet environmental quality requirements of both state and federal regulation. Today Vivid has grown to be one of the largest material coating providers in the Silicon Valley. Our customers include a number of the world’s leading equipment manufacturer’s in such industries as semiconductor, telecommunications, aerospace, automotive, solar, and medical. We continue to fuel this growth through our commitment to keeping abreast with the latest technologies and continually improving our automation processes. As we have grown we have not lost sight of the importance of our customers most important needs. 

Vivid Inc. operates out of three locations throughout the Bay Area. Vivid offers high-end coating technologies such as Thermal Spray, Plasma Spray, Twin Wire Arc coatings, Liquid Paint coatings, EMI/RFI shielding, Powder Coating, as well as screen and pad printing. Vivid also provides Manufacturing as a Service and to manage the supply chain of entire product lines. 


Vivid is committed to incorporating quality into each phase of our process. Established in-house and customer-specific, our  quality assurance programs ensure that each project meets required specifications. We continually calibrate our processes and work within ISO-9000 guidelines. Because Vivid believes quality to be an integral part of the design and specification process, our staff is trained to provide complete solutions that meet cost goals and exceed quality benchmarks.


Vivid supplies some of the best of qualified R&D services in the world. Our management team has over 55 years of experience providing coatings for a wide variety of applications, gaining us the expertise to provide the best in innovative solutions. We are dedicated to the continuous research and development of advanced surface coatings. Discuss your coating needs with our engineering team for an analysis of available options and systems specifically designed to meet your needs.

Commitment To Excellence

Because we value our customers and their continued business, Vivid's staff strives to maintain the highest level of service. We provide you with an account specialist to discuss specifications and requirements and maintain constant contact throughout the project process from design to completion. We have developed extensive manufacturing processes to efficiently handle large volume product, provide dock-to-stock programs, and offer some of the best turn-around in the industry. Vivid actively believes in partnering with our customers and providing not just coatings, but efficient solutions that save both time and money.

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