Vivid Inc. is a premier provider of arc spray coatings in the Bay Area, with over three decades of experience. Our expert team delivers top-notch solutions tailored to your specific needs, making us the go-to choice for industrial and commercial applications.

What is Arc Spray Coating?

Arc spray coating is a thermal spray process that uses an electric arc to heat and melt the coating material. This semi-molten material is then atomized by a gas stream and sprayed onto the target surface, where it solidifies and forms a dense, adherent coating. This method is highly effective for enhancing wear and corrosion resistance. It is versatile, allowing for the application of various metals such as copper, aluminum, bronze, steel, and zinc for surface modification, corrosion protection, reclamation, and decoration.

Benefits of Arc Spray Coating

  • Low Heat Input: The low heating of the substrate during spraying minimizes the risk of component distortion, making it ideal for thermally sensitive substrates.
  • Surface Restoration: Perfect for repairing worn or damaged components, arc spray restores surfaces by depositing new layers, reducing downtime, and avoiding costly replacements.
  • Cost Efficiency: High deposition efficiency means less material waste and reduced consumption. The durability of the coatings lowers maintenance and reapplication needs, leading to significant cost savings over time.

Arc Spray Coating Applications

  • Energy Production: Ideal for applying corrosion-resistant coatings to storage tanks, pipelines, and other metal surfaces, protecting them from harsh environmental conditions, wear, abrasion, saltwater, and chemical attacks.
  • Mixing Applications: Coating and resurfacing parts that are worn out during abrasive and corrosive mixing activities in the food and energy industries. Our coatings add life to the parts and save on replacement costs.

Arc Spray Coating Experts in the Bay Area

Vivid Inc. has been a leader in material coating since 1990, earning a reputation as one of the top metal coating service providers in Silicon Valley. For your next arc spray coating application, reach out to our team of experts today to schedule a free consultation.