Painting Plastic and Metals

Vivid provides services within all sorts of solvent based paints for painting plastic. Our staff is experienced in painting plastic and metals substrates of all shapes, sizes and chemical make-ups. We provide all preparatory services as well including cleaning and masking, a key ingredient to successfully painting plastic. Varying paints provide different functional and aesthetic services.

Painting plastic metal over the last 27 years, Vivid has experience in all sorts of paints. These paints have different ranges of durability, dirt resistance, and environmental friendliness. We have the knowledge to match paints with almost any substrate. 


Class A Painting Plastic for medical devices, telecom, data center enclosures, and automotive has become a large part of our business and we know what it takes to meet the narrowest quality standards. Painting Plastic becomes an important part of the marketing of some of the largest and exciting companies in the Silicon Valley. 

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