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Manufacturing as a Service (MaaS)

Manufacturing as a Service (MaaS) is the new way to use manufacturing industry knowledge for growing new companies and startups. Manufacturing as a Service providers can help bring your product to market more quickly, at lower costs, and better quality than creating a Supply Chain from scratch.

Vivid has been proving finishing work for the end of supply chains for almost 30 years, more recently we have begun providing Manufacturing as a Service for many private and public companies. Vivid has proven for many years that we can develop and manage an AVL, create a BOM and deliver materials on-time making us the ideal providers of Manufacturing as a Service. Our relationships with all types of design groups, plastic suppliers, and sheet metal houses gives us insight on their quality before your company may find out the hard way.

Being the cosmetic and functional finishing providers on the supply chain we are in a unique position to provide Manufacturing as a Service and manage the supply chain. Being located at the tail end of many operations is the best position to manage any incoming issues from suppliers. Our Incoming Quality Control can catch any questionable functional or cosmetic quality and make adjustments to “stop the bleeding” further up the line. Providing “Manufacturing as a Service” and managing the BOM we can also corrective actions and solutions for fixing the root cause with an experienced supply chain team.

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