Aluminum Oxide Plasma Sprayed on Aluminum
Plasma Sprayed Yttria after operating in a corrosive environment

Ceramic Coatings are often used to refurbish equipment used in high heat corrosive environments like CVD Chambers, PVD chambers, Solar cells and Electrostatic Chucks. Plasma Sprayed ceramic coatings can ground down to an almost mirror finish. Plasma spray can also be used to strengthen bearing applications and refurbish existing bearings close to original condition.


Yttrium Oxide Ceramic Coating – High heat dielectric with resistant to corrosion

– Macrohardness Rn15 – Finish Ra 120µin (sprayed) Ra 5µin (ground)
– Bond Strength 4931 PSI*
– Breakdown Voltage 10 mils/3 kV (purity dependent)

Aluminum Oxide Ceramic Coating – High heat dielectric with corrosion resistance

– Macrohardness Rn15
– Finish Ra 130µin (sprayed) Ra 6µin (ground)
– Bond Strength 4790 PSI* – Breakdown Voltage – 10 mils/3.5 kV (purity dependent) Melting Point: 2314 C

Chrome Oxide Ceramic Coating – Hardness with Corrosion resistance

– Microhardness 1950 Kn100
– Finish Ra 160µin (sprayed) Ra 3µin (ground)
– Bond Strength: 7195 PSI* – Melting Point 1990 C

Titanium Dioxide Ceramic Coating – Corrosion resistant, high emissivity

– Macrohardness Rn15
– Finish Ra 250µin (sprayed) Ra 8µin (ground)
– Bond Strength 6510 PSI*

Zirconium Oxide Ceramic Coating – Thermal barrier Ceramic Coating

– Macrohardness Rn15
– Finish Ra 150µin (sprayed) Ra 10µin (ground)
– Bond Strength 6970 PSI*
*Measuring using Cylindrical Bond Strength Method