Vivid specializes in unparalleled thermal spray and cosmetic coating services with the aim of solving design and manufacturing problems above and beyond. Our expert engineers develop unique thermal coating and shielding solutions, we provide solutions for wear equipment issues, and electric insulation concerns while enhancing aesthetic value.

Through our engineered solutions, we can exceed customer expectations while following stringent project specifications and requirements. Our in-house facility is fully equipped with cutting-edge technologies, ensuring superior quality outcomes that can improve your bottom line.

Our Solutions

Vivid’s solutions encompass a wide range of thermal spray and cosmetic coating services designed to meet our client’s varying needs. Our team works with each client to understand their prerequisites and develop customized solutions to improve product performance.

Our broad range of solutions include:

Thermal Spray Solutions

Thermal spray coating is an industrial coating process that heats material to semi-molten to atomize metallic and ceramic materials. These materials are applied on a surface via a spraying technique, enhancing their properties for protection against external sources, such as heat, moisture, electric current, and chemicals.

We offer four types of thermal spray applications, which can produce desirable properties to safeguard the object’s surface. Depending on the project, we utilize either of the following techniques:

  • Plasma spray coating: One of the most popular thermal spray coating methods is plasma spray coating. It undergoes a high-temperature process where high purity feedstock powder coat material is fed into the plasma plume. Afterward, heat nearly melts the powder, which sprays at high speeds towards the substrate.
  • Twin wire arc spray coating: Twin wire arc spray or TWAS is a metal coating spray process that uses an automated system to deposit high-performance coating materials towards metal objects to prevent corrosion and erosion. It enhances corrosion resistance for objects exposed to harsh environments. It can also be used to spray metals on plastics for EMI/RFI shielding.
  • Cold spray coating: Cold spraying employs a solid-state coating technology that utilizes an electrically heated gas to disperse metal powders at supersonic speed through a de Laval nozzle at above-critical velocity to facilitate particle adhesion.
  • Flame spray coating: Flame spray coating uses a heat source to melt a powder coat material into a sprayable coating. The material is blown through a flame that partially melts the powder and fuses onto the substrate.

Ceramic Coating

Demanding industries where their equipment is exposed to excessive heat or harsh chemicals have become increasingly reliant on the ceramic coating. With a ceramic coat, the resistance of materials are greatly enhanced against stressful conditions, preventing excessive wear while elevating its overall performance.

At Vivid, we specialize in diverse ceramic coatings to refurbish equipment, providing them with the necessary protection for different applications.

Our ceramic coat options include:

  • Yttrium Oxide Ceramic Coating
  • Aluminum Oxide Ceramic Coating
  • Chrome Oxide Ceramic Coating
  • Titanium Dioxide Ceramic Coating
  • Zirconium Oxide Ceramic Coating

EMI and RFI Shielding

We’re one of the leading providers of RFI and EMI shielding solutions using high-performance conductive paint to provide a conductive layer to protect an equipment’s body from radio waves and electromagnetic interference. The aim is to block electromagnetic signals, as these can disrupt electronic devices and their respective operations.

EMI and RFI penetration is avoided since our solutions are designed to divert radio waves and similar signals away. These will guarantee the longevity of your devices, ensuring that any kind of electromagnetic interference is averted. 

We specialize in the following coatings for RFI and EMI shielding:

  • Pure Silver acrylic 1-part system
  • Pure Silver Epoxy, 2-part system
  • Pure Silver Solvent
  • Nickel Based Paints
  • Copper Based Paints
  • Arc Sprayed Copper
  • Arc sprayed zinc

In the medical sector, some electronic equipment requires EMI shielding to comply with FDA regulations. EMI testing refers to testing of devices to ensure they’re compatible with their electromagnetic environment while determining whether the device will produce an electromagnetic interference. Our coatings are applied to the equipment to pass this test and get approval from the FDA. 

Class A Paint

Our Class A Painting solutions are ideal for plastic and metal substrates, regardless of their chemical makeup. We utilize Class A decorative solvent-based paints with excellent properties to boost an object’s functionality and aesthetic value.

As part of our Class A Painting service, we handle all preparatory work, which includes cleaning, sanding, and masking. These are paramount in the success of the paint’s ability to adhere firmly on a substrate as it will prevent contamination and boost the coat’s properties.

Types of Class A Paint we utilize:

  • Polyurethane: Polyurethane can be applied to plastic and metal components by preparing with media blast technologies or orbital sanding. Its key benefits include delivering exceptional corrosion and chemical resistance.
  • Waterbase: Water Based coatings include a primary ingredient of one or more solvents, which aids in dissolving paint materials until they become a sprayable liquid. It’s a cost-effective option for applications that require low VOCs and abrasion resistance.
  • Powder: A powder coat can only be applied to a metal after the substrate is meticulously prepared. It uses an electrostatic gun during the application process, providing a thicker, abrasion-resistant coating.


Galvanization or galvanizing is a method where we employ the arc spray galvanizing method to apply a protective coating of zinc, aluminum, or a mixture of two to prevent corrosion and rusting. It’s an ideal option for projects that use steel and iron, minimizing risks of future rusting and extending the lifespan of materials.

Arc spray galvanizing is a versatile metal coating spray process that effectively sprays zinc and other zinc alloys onto a product. Due to its low processing temperature and finish, Arc Spray Galvanizing is a preferred method over hot dip. It can seamlessly create a uniform coating customized based on your project’s demands.

Galvanizing services we offer:

  • Galvanizing with Zinc Wire
  • Galvanizing with Aluminum Wire
  • 85/15 Zinc Aluminum Wire

Let Vivid Find the Best Solution for Your Coating Needs

We understand the importance of protecting your equipment and materials, so we provide the best coating services to deliver optimized results for your unique applications. Our expert engineers also perform data analysis to determine the best solution to any challenge you may face with your equipment.

If you’re ready, jumpstart your project today by contacting us and getting a free quote for your coating needs. We assure superior coatings and competitive pricing to provide you with the best value for your needs!