Energy Plant Refurbishment

Vivid has the experience and the technology to take care of the incessant corrosion and thermal issues that arise from energy production. Our crew has experience in outdoor/indoor projects for energy production plants. In the Petrochemical, Oil and Gas Industries, Vivid we focuses on quality over quantity and understand that the job isn’t done if it isn’t high quality.

We can successfully coat hot gas facing components with thermal spray techniques. Vivid can coat to benefit all related substrates including, but not limited to: transition pieces, fuel nozzles, seals, vanes, brackets, nozzle segments, blades, rotors, and diaphrams.

Vivid strives to meet the surface needs for customers in all Petrochemical, Oil and Gas industries. Our goal is to learn your business as best we can to understand the problems that occur in your field and find the best possible solutions to improve productivity.

We provided thermal spray and other coating services for varying components depending conditions. Common components that need refurbishments are: risers, centrifuges, bearing housings, heat exchangers, gear boxes, boilers, piston rods, pistons, and pump shafts.


Thermal Spray Refurbishments – A Cost-Effective Option to Paint

Thermal spray coatings are usually cost-effective in the energy industry when compared to paints. The coatings are especially effective when considering the cost of inspection, especially under insulation. Even the expensive quality paints must be inspected in 3 to 7 year cycles. Testing that typically includes UT testing for pits, blasting, re-insulating, re-painting, and removing cladding. If thermal spray is used over paint, inspections can be pushed from 25-40 years. The inspections for thermal spray coatings are typically just inspections; they don’t involve these other time consuming and costly actions.

Some of the paints used in CUI service have doubled and tripled in the last 6 years. Typically thermal spray can be applied at lower costs than wet considering weather situations, a much lower need for touchups, and no regulations on Volatile Organic Compounds. Also, certain sections that need coating can be taken offsite to avoid stopping work.

Semiconductor Refurbishment

The Silicon Valley provides plenty of niches that have voids we are suited to fill. One of these industries are the semiconductor refurbishment industry that often times produces greater yields than their OEM counterparts. We provide a turn-key Plasma Spray service for electic insulation. Often times ceramics like Aluminum Oxide and Yytrium are used for this purpose. We have worked to find the premium coating answer for this process.

Pulp and Paper Mills

Vivid has the capability to enhance pulp and paper production through coating and refurbishment. Our 40,000 square foot facility is in close proximity to many mills to provide a short lead time. Our size allows us to take on the enormous equipment that other surrounding companies couldn’t fit in the door.

Vivid can coat almost any piece of mill equipment including rollers, digesters, steam hoods, calendar ends, drums, tanks, and doctor blade holders. We can coat for any resistance needed including chemical corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance. We can also grind all the way down to a mirror finish.

Vivid’s flexibility often makes it easy for us to come to our customers in situations where the substrate is too large to ship in a cost-effective manner. We are willing to come to your location with equipment and labor to custom coat your substrate in a manner that reduces shipping costs and down time.