Vivid Quality Policy

Vivid is committed to comply with all requirements and continually improve our quality
management system by ensuring that our objectives are established and reviewed to
reflect our philosophy of customer confidence through customer service, on time
delivery, quality, efficiency, and employee empowerment.

Vivid is committed to incorporating quality into each phase of our process. Established in-house and customer-specific, our quality assurance programs ensure that each project meets required specifications. We continually calibrate our processes and work within ISO-9001 guidelines, to meet or exceed our ISO certification status ISO certification# 1101340. Because Vivid believes quality to be an integral part of the design and specification process, our staff is trained to provide complete solutions that meet cost goals and exceed quality benchmarks.

Vivid supplies some of the best of qualified R&D services in the world. Our management team has over 55 years of experience providing coatings for a wide variety of applications, gaining us the expertise to provide the best in innovative solutions. We are dedicated to the continuous research and development of advanced surface coatings. Discuss your coating needs with our engineering team for an analysis of available options and systems specifically designed to meet your needs.

ISO 9001
Quality Management System Certificate