Thermal Spray Coating Services to Protect the Product for Optimal Performance

Vivid Inc. is a leader in thermal spray technologies. We provide a vast array of methods to meet your coating needs without compromising quality. 

We have an in-house facility where we perform all of our thermal spray techniques, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment to ensure consistency. 

We specialize in several thermal spray coatings, for example thermal sprayed zinc and aluminum metals. It’s used in various industries for a multitude of applications. Multiple options mean we can choose the best application compatible with your product and its requirements. Our experts are well-versed in all aspects of thermal spray coating, from preparation to application.

Thermal Spray Coating Methods

We have different high-end metal spray coating methods to improve its efficiency. These are designed to protect the product for optimal performance while enhancing its durability against different factors, such as corrosion, oxidation, weather, and erosion. It also strengthens and fixes worn or damaged surfaces.

Our wide range of thermal spray coating options includes the following:

Plasma Coating

Plasma Spray

Plasma spray coating is one of the most popular and also the most versatile of the thermal spray coating options. It produces a high-quality coating that's wear-resistant and can protect against corrosion caused by various factors. The process involves a combination of a high-energy heat source, temperature, and the thermal coatings are sprayed in the atmosphere.

Turbine combustion chambers
Seal ring grooves in aero-engine turbines
Diesel engine piston rings
Manufacturing equipment refurbishment
High corrosive dielectric applications
PVD/CVD chambers
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Twin Wire Arc

Twin Wire Arc

Twin wire arc spraying is a technique that sprays coating on parts that are susceptible to corrosion, wear, and erosion. Two wires with conductive properties are energized and fed into an arc gun. The two wires meet at the tip of the gun, melting the material into a semi-molten state. Dry compressed air will atomize the semi-molten material, which produces the coating.

Automobile and engine parts
Industrial Mixing Equipment
Galvanizing industrial steel
Marine equipment
Wind turbine components
EMI/RFI shielding plastic enclosures
CVD/PVD chambers
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Cold Spray

Cold Spray

Cold spraying is a solid-state coating technique, also known as supersonic particle deposition, where a mixture of ceramic powder is added to the composition. It utilizes an electrically heated high-pressure carrier gas to release a stream of metal powders for particle adhesion. It's ideal for metals, metal alloys, and metal blends.

Brake discs
Sputtering target
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Why Opt for Thermal Spraying?

Increasing the corrosion-resistant levels of a part or component is essential in any industry. This thermal spray method will protect these materials from environmental and man-made factors. Thermal spray coating is a practical choice as it offers a solid bonding to the substrate and can stand up against extreme temperatures.

It’s better than a cold galvanizing spray because it’s a more comprehensive solution. It doesn’t just protect the surface but also offers outstanding high-temperature performance. The result will ensure that the adhesion is more secure with better galvanic protection.

Choose Us to Fulfill All Your Thermal Spraying Needs

Vivid Inc. has been providing thermal spraying services for many years. It allowed us to hone our crafts using our expertise and the best equipment. So we offer a wide array of options that will adhere to the industrial standards.

With stringent quality control, you’ll experience superior outcomes. If you want to learn more about our services, feel free to contact us today. We’re happy to find a solution to ensure your project’s success. For bigger orders, request a quote, and we’ll give you a competitive price that won’t break the bank.