Industries Vivid Serves

Vivid provides various high-volume services for performance enhancement and product identification all conveniently at one location. Our partners come to us when they realize that we can provide the services of three separate companies under one roof to decrease lead time and ultimately reduce the price. This helps provide many industries that we serve:

Vivid can provide dielectric coatings, thermally/electically conductive coatings, an assortment of sealers, and lubricant expertise. Our abilities and experiences in thermal coating technologies like Arc spray, Plasma spray, and coldspray go back decades. We also have powder coating, polyurethane, and waterbase coating capabilities. Then we can walk to another room to create a custom enclosure for our customer, printing the name and logo for proper identification/aesthetic value.

Below are the industries that Vivid serves:

Medical Medical
Batteries Batteries
Automotive Automotive
Semiconductor Semiconductor
Anti-Microbial Military
Solar Solar
Refurbishment Refurbishment