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At Vivid, we help add production value to our customers semiconductor equipment by coating, refurbishing, and servicing for increased yields. Being able to coat for electrical/thermal conductivity, insulation, and to solve isolation issues makes us a big asset for semi-conductor companies who want an efficient longlasting product.


We can clean, media blast, mask, and coat all at one convenient location. We also have been providing thick-film coatings for the semi-conductor industry. We have the capability to cure at temperatures of up to 1200 degrees Celsius. Being a turnkey operation with so many functions provides an almost limitless opportunity for our partners.


Electrical insulation is an increasingly popular need that we solve here at Vivid through Plasma Spraying cermics like Aluminum Oxide, Yytrium, and others. We have invested a lot to get premium outputs from our Plasma guns.

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