Energy Plant Refurbishment

Vivid has the experience and the technology to take care of the incessant corrosion and thermal issues that arise from energy production. Our crew has experience in outdoor/indoor projects for energy production plants. In the  Petrochemical, Oil and Gas Industries, Vivid we focuses on quality over quantity and understand that the job isn’t done if it isn’t high quality.


We can successfully coat hot gas facing components with thermal spray techniques. Vivid can coat to benefit all related substrates including, but not limited to: transition pieces, fuel nozzles, seals, vanes, brackets, nozzle segments, blades, rotors, and diaphrams.


Vivid strives to meet the surface needs for customers in all Petrochemical, Oil and Gas industries. Our goal is to learn your business as best we can to understand the problems that occur in your field and find the best possible solutions to improve productivity.


We provided thermal spray and other coating services for varying components depending conditions. Common components that need refurbishments are: risers, centrifuges, bearing housings, heat exchangers, gear boxes, boilers, piston rods, pistons, and pump shafts.

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