Chrome Oxide – Rugged Sealing Surfaces

Chrome Oxide - Rugged Sealing Surfaces

Chrome Oxide has very unique properties that provide value to many industries. NASA discovered the advantage of Chrome Oxide when utilized for lubricant-free foil gas bearings. Energy companies have been using Plasma Spray Chrome Oxide equipment as wear resistant coatings on excavation operations miles below the Earth’s surface.

Plasma Sprayed Chrome Oxide is formulated to produce a wear resistant dielectric coating and provides less galling during abrasive operations. Chrome Oxide properties provide high performing seal surfaces for applications such as food processing, pressurized water reactor valves, piston rings, boiler tubes, bearing, and many other industrial operations. Plasma Sprayed Chrome Oxide thickness can reach at least 750 microns and be ground down to >32Ra and used as highly effective seal surfaces. When compared with other ceramics, Chrome Oxide possesses a better ease of lubrication, higher wear resistance with less friction damage on the opposing substrate counterpart. Chrome Oxide also has a high melting point (2435 degrees C) and is chemically stable in most circumstances. Chrome Oxide Plasma Spray can be used on certain reinforced Polymers for applications that require a lighter weight while still demanding the useful characteristics of Chrome Oxide.

Chrome Oxide - Rugged Sealing Surfaces

Chrome Oxide brings a lot of value to special applications. For more information and consultation on Chrome Oxide and many other material options contact us at Vivid Inc.

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